AI vs. Public Opinion: Catching you up on the latest from AIPI

AI vs. Public Opinion: Catching you up on the latest from AIPI Since our launch in August, the Artificial Intelligence Policy Institute (AIPI) has been hard at work conducting and releasing impactful polling on AI-related issues, raising awareness of AI’s catastrophic risks, and acting as a much-needed bridge between the tech world, the American public […]

AI Policies Under the Microscope: How aligned are they with the Public?

The attributes delineated below serve as fundamental considerations for the development and evaluation of effective AI governance policies. While it is difficult for a single piece of legislation to embody all of these attributes, they nonetheless offer a meaningful framework for shaping responsible and effective policy.

AI that’s smarter than humans? Americans say a firm “no thank you.”

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“As we’re asking these poll questions and getting such lopsided results, it’s honestly a little bit surprising to me to see how lopsided it is,” Daniel Colson, the executive director of the AI Policy Institute, told me. “There’s actually quite a large disconnect between a lot of the elite discourse or discourse in the labs and what the American public wants.”