AI Policies Under the Microscope: How aligned are they with the Public?

The attributes delineated below serve as fundamental considerations for the development and evaluation of effective AI governance policies. While it is difficult for a single piece of legislation to embody all of these attributes, they nonetheless offer a meaningful framework for shaping responsible and effective policy.

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AI that’s smarter than humans? Americans say a firm “no thank you.”

“As we’re asking these poll questions and getting such lopsided results, it’s honestly a little bit surprising to me to see how lopsided it is,” Daniel Colson, the executive director of the AI Policy Institute, told me. “There’s actually quite a large disconnect between a lot of the elite discourse or discourse in the labs and what the American public wants.”

One think tank vs. ‘god-like’ AI

Because of the scale of computing systems needed to produce a super-intelligent AI, Colson argues such endeavors would be easy for governments to monitor and regulate.

“I see that science experiment as being too dangerous to run,” he said.