Vast Majority of US voters of All Political Affiliations Support President Biden's Executive Order on AI

A new poll from the AI Policy Institute (AIPI) shows that the vast majority of US voters of all political affiliations support President Biden’s new executive order that would manage the development of artificial intelligence.

Biden Executive Order Toplines
  • 69% of American voters—including 64% of Republicans and 65% of Independents—support the executive order while just 15% oppose it
  • 75% of voters think the government should do more to regulate to AI, 18% believe the government has already done enough to regulate it, while just 6% believe the government has done too much
  • 71% of voters believe restricting the potentially dangerous capabilities of AI is most important to focus on while 15% think it’s more important to prioritize expanding access to consumers and lowering prices for them
  • 61% think the that companies that don’t receive federal funding should be required to order materials from labs that perform biological synthesis screening while just 12% say they should not be required to do so
  • 71% think testing and monitoring of large, powerful AI training runs are important and should be made stronger while just 10% believe such requirements put undue restrictions on Ai companies
  • The most popular provision of President Biden’s AI executive order are the ones that establish testing requirements, disclosure of AI use, and prevent companies from training powerful AI models without Americans’ knowledge.


The poll surveyed 1,132 registered voters over web panels and was weighted to the projected 2024 electorate. It was conducted by AIPI using the Lucid platform and has a margin of error ± 3.8 You can find the toplines here and crosstabs here.